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The Estrella Montes Estate

Estrella Montés is an original Mauritanian-style Portuguese Quinta - a property with style, charm and history. It consists of three villas, all of which have been beautifully restored and are your vacation home away from home. The luxuriously furnished houses can be rented separately or together. The large freshwater pool and sauna belong exclusively to Villa Stofero.

The property is located on a 3500 square meter garden plot with beautiful nature. Almond trees, lush oleanders, olive trees, figs, lemons and gnarled baobab trees provide shade. Numerous places invite you to dream and linger. There are also several terraces where you can have a wonderful breakfast or enjoy the sunset. At night you can see a starry sky that is simply indescribable, only the cicadas can still be heard and the occasional call of the geckos. 

Welcome to a place that will enchant you!

The Story of Estrella Montés

Originally, the three buildings belonged to a typical Portuguese farm from 1920. 

Over the years, the farmhouse, the stable and the tool shed have been completely restored and furnished with fine materials and furniture. The Villa Stofero, which was last renovated in 2015, the Casa Saudade, which was completely renovated in 2019, and the Casa Rosa are connected around a magnificent Portuguese courtyard area.